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Richard Wall Looking to inspire my clients to be the best they can be with their health, physical appearance and social well being. I want them to enjoy the sessions whilst reaching their goals. FREE trial session to see if my sessions are for what you are looking for. Personal Trainer since 2002,  Boxing Instructor most of this time,  also fully qualified as a Nutritional Advisor. REPS registered and insured.  Whether it's body sculpting, health issue control and improvement, weight loss, strength improving, toning and athletic performance related goals I'm ready to help you.  Using as many variables as possible to keep things interesting for you and maximising your results. Boxing, weights, interval training (including HIIT, Fartlek and tabata), body weight training, indoor/ outdoor running, skipping, Kettlebells, TRX, VIPR etc. Life is all about balance let's go get yours! Click here to return to the list of trainers.
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